Crime Guard Security

Crime Guard Security are professional suppliers and installers of physical security, steel doors, security grilles, burglar bars, vandal screen products to offices,shops,schools,the home,in fact anywhere a physical deterrent is needed!security grille birmingham

The company is based in Redditch and our area coverage is primarily in the Midlands Including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Bristol, Coventry, Walsall, Lichfield, Worcester, Leicester,Bromsgrove, Warwickshire,Redditch, Evesham and Rugby.

We are living in an ever increasing world of crime and vandalism; Crime Guard Security plans to isolate your premises from this epidemic.

Windows and doors are the weakest part of any building, but there is a solution to making these weak points burglar proof. Having physical security internally fitted is a much smarter decision than to externally, the reason for this being that if your property was under burglary, the criminal would have to first break open your door or window, and then attempt to break open the grille or bars. Combine our internal security with an alarm system and this would be burglar proof- no one will be able to burgle your premises.

External fittings are not a good idea in secluded areas because any potential invader has all the time in the world to attack and break in, and could climb on top of the security system itself to use as a platform to gain access to a window grille cg1

Security grilles are the best form of physical security internally fitted, security grilles can either be fitted into the reveal of a window or door and can also be fitted face. Security grilles can be addapted to fit virtually anywhere. We also supply and fit Steel Doors, Steel Fire Doors, Steel Louvre Doors, Steel Communal Doors, Anti Vandal Screens, And Burglar Bars In Birmingham and the Midlands.

Window Security, Door Security, Security Grills, Steel Doors, Vandal Screens, Burglar Bars,

Steel Plate Door Reinforcement.



The retractable security grilles and removable window security bars that we install ensure the highest protection for your home or business as well as being a great deterrent.

All of our security bars, security grilles, and security gates are ideal for either windows and doors and offer maximum strength and durability with the minimalist obstruction for visibility even when they are closed.

Our products are designed to the highest security levels by eliminating intruders whilst at the same time letting a substantial amount of natural light through making these products not only thief proof but attractive as well. Ideal for any type of ground floor door and window, the installation process is relatively quick so no need to book a whole day off work when the fitters plan to arrive!vandal screens

When not in use our security grilles retract to a minimum space making this security item very appealing to the eye, and can be installed behind curtains and their pelm- you wouldn't even notice it was there! And when you wish to close them, a small swift movement and you have an exceptional piece of security guarding your property.

On a retail premises, security grilles are ideal to achieve maximum security whilst at the same time allow customers to view the retailers products. All of our grilles come in a variety of colours and fittings to accommodate any needs possible, therefore blending well within an atmosphere and not discouraging potential customers.

Our LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) security grilles ensure the ultimate highest level by accreditation (LPS 1175) and are in favour with all insurance companies as well as the police secure and design scheme. Crimeguard Security install these grilles approved to these high standards including the CG1, CG2, and CG3 retractable grilles.

On our removable window security bars, the material is sourced from anti cut steel which is locked in position but can be released from the inside to achieve total vision or if the window requires maintenance, though a higher security level is achieved if the bars are unable to be removed.

By using our made to measure door and window security grilles and bars, your casual opportunist criminal will not think to stop by your premises again! Even the more determined intruder will be no match for you high security system.


Steel Security Doors

The Combat Steel Door collection offers a fantastic specification along with a fantastic price. Ranging from every general purpose door, the CGS Combat Steel Door collection has a wide variety of external and internal applications for either private or public sector usage.silver-combat-4-web

Its special feautures include the highest specification of UK steel, exceptional 11 point locking including 4 x 17.5mm solid steel dogbolts, maximum performance lever handles made from solid stainless steel, amoured steel attack resistant escutcheon plate providing cylinder protection, stainless steel hinges (BS.EN 1935.2002 grade 11) made to the highest performing standards, a extensive range of made to measure and standard sizes available with optional extras.

Combat 12, 16, and 20 has 3 security levels and provides an unbeatable scope of sizes and options.

security steel door green

Every door which is made to measure is induvidually designed and made to order with fast turnaround guarenteed. Stronger than any other competitor door, the hinges are specially reinforced with a unique hinge chasis system and have a minimum of 7 heavy duty dogbolts. Quick and easy to install, the unique “fast fit frame” option reduces fitting time greatly.


Please do contact us for any questions or concerns, or a non obligatory quote- with our great prices you might be surprised at how much we cost!